How it all began and looking forward.

During the 1960's Dr Gunther A Scherr formulated, manufactured and used a special type of high-flexible asphalt emulsion in the construction of surface coatings, particularly on such roads that could not be constructed in the standard method. This was just a surface coating and did not give satisfactory results.

On further investigation it became evident that the existing Ground Stabilisations offered worldwide at the time could not solve the problems associated with cohesive in-situ soils. There was no product on the market which achieved satisfactory results. It was at that point in the late 1960's that Dr Scherr decided to develop his own range of products. After extensive laboratory research & development, site experiments showed remarkable field results.

The first field application was put down in 1968 in Italy. In 1973 Quantum GS was founded in Switzerland for ongoing research, development work and worldwide marketing.

Since 1985 the production and marketing of the products has been transferred step by step to regional companies, after the System was approved by engineers and used by Authorities, Contractors and Housing Developers across Europe, USA, South America, Africa, India, Russia and now in Australia by Michael Farrar, an Australian businessman who over the years has built up successful businesses including AustraHort Native Seed Merchants and Austrablend, a Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner - to find out more about AustraBlend Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner please visit Austrablend.

Michael Farrar is the trademark holder for both Australia and New Zealand for the Quantum products and any other products presuming to be sold under the Quantum umbrella are fake and inferior products and potential users must be very careful to avoid any products pretending to be genuine of the Quantum Ground Stabilisation. 

Mike is ably helped by Rob Douglas a Civil Engineer of 40 years experience and Bruce Hankinson a consultant with expertise in local government and Pacific Island trade.

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